Terms and Conditions

The term Ayia Napa House Party and ANHP means the promoter/ event holder. The term you means the purchaser of packages sold by the promoter/ event holder. If any of the terms below shall be deemed un enforceable by UK law, the remaining terms will still be enforceable. Although this event is being held in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, Ayia Napa House Party is a UK based company, therefor UK law applies and is final in all circumstances.

1. Up until the 31st Dec 2017, all packages are £150. From 1st Jan 2018, all packages are £250, with no exceptions until there is a price change by ANHP.

2. You can pay a £50 deposit up until 31st Dec 2017 on your £150 package. You must pay the balance of the £100 from you package by the 31st Jan 2018, with no exceptions. If you do not pay the balance of £100 by 31st Jan 2018, you will not lose the deposit, but the balance due will become £200 in line with the full package price.

3. You can pay a £100 deposit after 1st January 2018 on your £250 package. You must pay the balance of £150 from your package by the 31st March 2018. If you do not then you will lose any monies you have paid, in full, with no exceptions.

4. No deposit is refundable, with no exceptions. A deposit may be transferable to another person, but ONLY with prior consent from Ayia Napa House Party.

5. If you choose to book with a ticket re seller, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of that re seller. ANHP will help as much as they can in all cases, but the final decision on any matters will remain with the re seller.

6. Your package does not include transfers to and from the airport, the rate of transfers will be as advertised and displayed on this website, and is subject to change without notice.

7. A wrist band will be provided for you to gain entry to all of the events. It is your responsibility to keep this safe, a replacement wristband will not be for free, and the price will be at the discretion of ANHP. This decision will be final.

8. ANHP do not accept any responsibility for your personal safety and possessions. It is your responsibility to look after yourself while on holiday, in the venues, and attending any events by ANHP.

9. While every effort has been made to book particular DJ’s and acts, ANHP cannot be held responsible for last minute changes out of their control. No refunds in full or part will be offered in these cases, with no exceptions.

10. All events and venues are as advertised. ANHP reserve the right to make last minute changes to times, venues, and dates, if required without notice.

11. In particular, the boat party can be changes due to weather out of the control of ANHP. A suitable venue will be selected in the event of having to cancel the boat party. No refunds, part refunds, or compensation will be offered due to situations out of the control of ANHP.

12. Force Majeure: This applies when an event, DJ/act, venue, or other item out of the control of ANHP occurs such as an act of god. In this case ANHP cannot control the situation and there will be no refunds, in part or whole, for any reason.

13. ANHP reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions, and to any item advertised on this website or anywhere else including: social media, physical posters, flyers, and material of any kind, without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions. This included booking and paying of packages, even if you have not read these terms and conditions beforehand.